Local Bar Professionalism Awards

In addition to the Pope Award, TCLE publicizes and acknowledges recipients of local and specialty bar association professionalism awards. If your bar association recognizes outstanding professionalism, please let us know so we can give your honorees the pat on the back they richly deserve.



2017 Award Recipients

David Gonzalez was awarded the Austin Bar Association's 2017 Professionalism Award. The Professionalism Award is presented by the Austin Bar Association.

Bill Bass received the 2017 Justinian Award from the Smith County Bar Foundation.

Sarah Pierce Cowen was awarded The Hidalgo County Bar Association 2017 Professionalism Award.

The Honorable James W. Mehaffy received the 2017 Kenneth W. Lewis Professionalism Award from the Jefferson County Bar Association.

Past Winners listed by city:


Austin - James M. McCormack
Hidalgo County - Jaime "Jimmy" Gonzalez
Jefferson County - Robert A. "Bob" Black
Smith County - Martin Z. Sammons


Austin - Martha Dickie
Dallas - The Honorable W. Royal Furgeson, Jr.
Hidalgo County - Arturo R. Cantu
Jefferson County - Walter D. Snider
Smith County - The Honorable Judith K. Guthrie


Austin - Susan Burton
Dallas - James E. Coleman
Jefferson County - James R. Makin
Smith County - James W. "Jim" Knowles 


Austin - Senator Kirk Watson
Dallas - Kim Askew
Hidalgo County - Viola Garza
Jefferson County - Kenneth W. Lewis
Smith County - Richard Grainer

Austin - Chip Brees
Dallas - Harriet E. Miers
Hidalgo County - Gary L. Henrichson
Jefferson County - Kip Glasscock
Smith County - Tom Henson

Austin - David Sheppard
Cameron County - Ferriel C. Hamby
Dallas - Timothy W. Mountz
Hidalgo County - David G. Hall
Jefferson County - Gilbert I. Low
Smith County - Hon. J. Mike Rowan

Austin - Phil Friday
Cameron County - Ed Stapleton
Dallas - W. Mike Baggett
Hidalgo County - Judge Rose Guerra Reyna
Jefferson County - Patricia D. Chamblin
Smith County - H. Kelly Ireland

Austin - Jeff Jury
Cameron County - Annabell Alegria
Dallas - Florentino Ramirez
Hidalgo County – Hon. Ernest Aliseda
Jefferson County - Richard D. Hughes
Smith County - Jack Jackson

Austin - Tim Sulak
Cameron County - Charles E. Hamilton
Dallas - George C. Chapman
Hidalgo County - Joseph Connors, III
Jefferson County - Thomas L. Hanna
Smith County - F.R.“Buck” Files, Jr.

Austin - Claude E. Ducloux
Cameron County - Edmond G. “Sandy” Hall
Dallas - Justice Douglas S. Lang
Hidalgo County - Veronica Gonzalez
Jefferson County - Walter J. Crawford, Jr.
Smith County - William Dewey Lawrence, Jr.

Austin - Mike McKetta
Cameron County - J. Arnold Aguilar
Hidalgo County - Pablo J. Almaguer
Jefferson County - Joseph C. “Lum” Hawthorn
Smith County - John H. Minton

Austin - Mina Brees
Cameron County - Arturo C. Nelson
Dallas - Vester T. Hughes
Hidalgo County - Israel Ramon, Jr.
Jefferson County - Joseph C. “Lum” Hawthorn
Smith County - John H. Minton

Cameron County - Frank Costilla
Dallas - Allison Meyers
El Paso - Justice Ann McClure
Hidalgo County - Roberto L. “Bobby” Ramirez
Jefferson County - David E. Grove
Travis - Larry W. Langley
Smith County - Judge William M. Steger

Cameron County - David E. Kithcart
Dallas - Louise B. Raggio
Jefferson County - Lipscomb Norvell, Jr.
Smith County - Weldon Holcomb
Travis County - Thomas H. Watkins

Dallas - Honorable Barefoot Sanders
Tarrant County -
Travis County - Steven M. Zager

Dallas - L.A. Bedford
Travis County – Xavier Medina

Dallas – Blackie Holmes
Fort Worth – Kleber Miller and Wade McMullen
Houston – James B. Sales
San Antonio – George H. Spencer
Travis County – Charles Herring

Dallas - Morris Harrell


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