2.06 Assignment of Committee Members


Each member of a Committee shall act through panels assigned by the chair of the Committee for investigatory hearings, summary disposition dockets, and evidentiary hearings. Promptly after assignment, notice must be provided to the Respondent of the names and addresses of the panel members assigned to each Complaint. A member is disqualified or is subject to recusal as a panel member for an evidentiary hearing if a district judge would, under similar circumstances, be disqualified or recused. If a member is disqualified or recused, another member shall be appointed by the Committee chair. No peremptory challenges of a Committee member are allowed. Any alleged grounds for disqualification or recusal of a panel member are conclusively waived if not brought to the attention of the panel within ten days after receipt of notification of the names and addresses of members of the panel; however, grounds for disqualification or recusal not reasonably discoverable within the ten day period may be asserted within ten days after they were discovered or in the exercise of reasonable diligence should have been discovered.

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