After Separating from the Court


After separating from the Court, a former law clerk or staff attorney may not:

a. participate in any matter that was pending before the Court while the law clerk
or staff attorney was employed by the Court. The Clerk of the Court will
prepare and deliver to each departing law clerk and staff attorney a list of the
matters pending before the Court during the law clerk’s or staff attorney’s

b. use as writing samples study memoranda or other writings concerning Court
matters that were prepared by the law clerk or staff attorney during
employment at the Court; or show any of the memoranda or other writings to
anyone other than other employees of the Court.

This Code supercedes previously adopted codes and policies of the Court governing the conduct of
Law Clerks and Staff Attorneys and is a supplement to and not in lieu of other Texas statutorily
required conduct or direction of the Court.  Any violation of this Code of Conduct is ground for
termination of employment.  A copy of the Code of Conduct for Law Clerks and Staff Attorneys of the
Supreme Court of Texas is posted on the Court’s webpage and made available upon request without

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