Law Clerks and Staff Attorneys May Engage in Activities


Law clerks and staff attorneys may engage in activities as follows:

a. Law clerks and staff attorneys may speak, write, lecture, teach, and participate
in activities or organizations concerning the law, the legal system, and the
administration of justice.

b. Law clerks and staff attorneys may participate in other, non-legal activities, but:

     1. Law clerks and staff attorneys must refrain from financial, personal, and
business dealings that tend to detract from the dignity of the office,
interfere with the proper performance of their Court duties, or exploit
their positions.

     2. Law clerks,  staff attorneys, and members of their families residing in
their households may not accept a gift, bequest, or favor from any
person whose interests are or are likely to come before the Court.  This
limitation does not apply to incidental benefits such as engagement,
anniversary, or birthday gifts that are fairly commensurate with the
occasion or invitations to events such as holiday parties, dinner
engagements, or other social functions, provided that the incidental
benefit could not reasonably be perceived as intended to influence the
law clerk or staff attorney in the performance of their duties for the

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