Perform Court Duties Impartially and Diligently


Law clerks and staff attorneys must perform their Court duties impartially and diligently.
In performing these duties:

a. Law clerks and staff attorneys must respect and comply with the law and must
conduct themselves at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in
the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.  In the courtroom, law clerks and
staff attorneys should be courteous and must maintain an impartial demeanor
and refrain from engaging in conversation with attorneys or parties.

b. Law clerks and staff attorneys must maintain competence in their profession.
They must be dignified, courteous, and fair to all persons with whom they deal
in their Court capacity.  They must diligently discharge their responsibilities.

c. The relationship between the Court and the law clerks and staff attorneys is a
confidential one.  Law clerks and staff attorneys must abstain from public
comment about proceedings filed in the Court.  They must never disclose to any
person any confidential information received in the course of their duties, nor
may they employ such information for their personal gain.

d. All discussions, comments, and deliberations of the Court must be kept in strict
confidence.  This duty of confidentiality continues beyond the law clerks' and
staff attorneys' employment with the Court.

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