Ethics Question of the Month

Ethics Question of the Month - September 2018

Law firm Abel, Baker, Caldwell & Dodd (“ABC&D”) has four name partners.  Partner Abel decides to retire from practicing law and leaves the firm.  Baker decides to leave the firm to open a solo practice under his own name. 

The remaining partners wish to continue to practice under the same firm name because it is well known in the community.  Abel and Baker both agree to allow ABC&D to continue to use their names in exchange for payment. 

Three years later, Abel decides he’s tired of retirement and opens a solo practice under his own name.  Under the current Ethics Opinions issued by the Professional Ethics Committee for the State Bar of Texas, which of the following is accurate?

  1. ABC&D may continue with the same name even though Abel and Baker are practicing elsewhere and no longer have any association with the firm
  2. ABC&D may continue to use Abel’s name, but not Baker’s
  3. ABC&D may continue to use Baker’s name, but not Abel’s 
  4. ABC&D may not use either Abel’s name or Baker’s name 


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About Ethics Question of the Month

Ethics Question of the Month is a regular feature of the Texas Bar Journal created and sponsored by the Texas Center for Legal Ethics.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in Ethics Question of the Month is intended to illustrate an ethics issue of general interest in the Texas legal community; it is not intended to provide ethics advice that applies regardless of particular facts.  For specific legal ethics advice, readers are urged to consult the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct (including their official comments) and other authorities and/or a qualified legal ethics advisor.

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